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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: Re: Using crystal malt and other grains
Date: 1989-07-06 12:10:10 GMT

In regards to crystal malt:

>1- How do I go about crushing it? How crushed does it
>need to be?

The general idea is to break (crack) the grain into three to five pieces.
When I first started using grain I used a rolling pin for this. Later a
friend loaned me a grain mill, which is much quicker if you have several
pounds of grain to process (but not necessary for a pound or two). You
don't have to worry about getting exactly three to five pieces, but
breaking each grain in half probably isn't enough and making flour is way
too much.

Some homebrew supply shops have grain mills and will crack the grain for
you. This seems like a reasonable alternative (though you may have to pay a
few cents extra).

>2- When do I add it to the wort?

I add cracked crystal malt when the boil water is cold, and remove it just
before the water starts to boil (before I add the malt extract and hops). I
used to simply dump the grain into the water, and then strain it out with a
kitchen strainer. Later I bought a nylon grain bag, which makes removing
the grains trivial.


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