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From: Gordon Hester <>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #195 (July 06, 1989)
Date: 1989-07-06 15:16:11 GMT

The postings on sanitation have been most enlightening. Thanks
to the posters.

One poster mentioned not using a bottle brush when cleaning bottles. I,
after my first frustrating experience trying to dislodge mold from
bottles to put my first batch in, obtained a very handy bottle cleaning
device. I think it's called a "jet washer" (well, I think it's called a
jet something, anyway - obviously no problems of commercial affiliation
here.) It consists of a brass fitting that attaches to the faucet in
my kitchen sink (with the help of a simple adapter - it is threaded to
fit a faucet of the type commonly encountered in laundry tubs or gardens)
and has a roughly U-shaped brass tube on it, so that the business end of
the tube points upwards. You turn the water on (after turning on your hot
water tap in your sink, of course) by putting a bottle down over the
tube - a valve at the end of the tube is operated by a wire running
along the tube, so you get the bottle safely over the tube before it
squirts all over the place. The tube has a farily small diameter, so
the water velocity is fairly high. I have found this thing immensely
convenient - it cleans out most bottles in a couple of seconds, and
those with exceptionally stubborn moldy deposits are generally handled
by a couple of repeated squirtings and brief soakings. Of course,
I soak the bottles in a bleach solution after cleaning - I use a fairly
weak solution (about a quarter cup in a bathtub full of water, where I
do my soaking much to my wife's annoyance), soak for at least 24 hours,
and then just take the bottles out and put them upside down in their box
(lined with clean paper) to drain for half an hour or so - no rinsing,
and I've detected no bleach flavors or anything.

I think this jet thing cost about $10 at my local brew shop -
may well be available for less elsewhere. I think there are
similar devices that don't have the valve on them (in fact, I
seem to recall seeing a picture of one in Papazian's book). I'd
recommend against them - it would be a pain to have to turn your
faucet on and off for every bottle, and the valve arrangement makes
that unnecessary. If anyone wants the brand name, send me mail - I MAY
still have the packaging at home.

gordon hester

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