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Subject: Crystal Malt
Date: 1989-07-06 22:24:19 GMT

>In digest #195, Gordon Hester writes:

>How do I go about crushing it?

Unless you have a grain mill, put the grain in a plastic
bag and roll over it with a rolling pin.

>How crushed does it need to be?

Your goal is to _only_break_open_the_husks_ (not break the
malt into small pieces). Ideally, if you could break each
grain in half, that would be perfect.

>When do I add it to the wort?

I put the crystal malt in a grain bag, put it in the
kettle with the cold water, and slowly bring the water
to a boil (so the sugars in the crystal malt have time
to dissolve and so the wort doesn't scorch). As soon
as the wort comes to a boil, remove the grain bag. Next,
I add the extract and hops and do the main boil. I put a
gallon of boiled, refridgerated, airated, tapwater in the
primary (so it doesn't crack from the hot wort), pour
the wort into the primary, place the grain bag in a huge
funnel in the top of the primary, and pour more boiled,
refrigerated, airated, tapwater through the grains to
bring the level in the primary up to the top of the carboy.
The reason I pour the water through the grains is to get
the last bit of sugars out of the grains.

A few extra notes:

1. If you crush the grains too much, you will have trouble
keeping them in the grain bag (if you use one) or getting
them out of the wort (if you don't). Also, if you don't
use a grain bag, you will have problems sparging (see CJoHB
glossary) because the grain bed will be too fine.

2. If you boil the grains, you will have problems with
chill haze and astringency. Boiling the husks will cause
tannins to be released which will react with the proteins
in the wort to produce chill haze when the beer is cold.

3. Crystal malt is fully converted, don't bother to mash

4. Crystal malt will add body (and subsequently head),
a little sweetness, a little more alcohol, and quite a
bit of color to your final product. If you wish to not
add color, try Cara-Pils (R) (Dextrine) malt. [I have
not tried Cara-Pils so I'm just passing on what I've read].


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