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From: (Erik Asphaug)
Subject: Excess fermentation and bad beer
Date: 1989-07-07 01:02:25 GMT

Although our first two batches of ale have turned out decent enough (the
second batch was awarded a number of complements by guests who weren't
even drunk yet) we have had problems with the aging process (the beer,
not ourselves so far). While the first weeks of top popping go well, after
a few more weeks at ca. 75 - 80 degree temperatures (or even lower here
at the lab) the brew fizzes excessively and then foams all over the place
when poured, and raises somewhat of a stink. Only a loving father coul
drink such a poor production.

My question is: Do we have a problem with wild yeasts or the method of
our aging? I have noticed that the brew kept in the fridge held up well, and
even improved -- although I'm certain that as the brew became scarcer, each
bottle was enjoyed more. But the stuff left in the cupboard deteriorated within
a matter of a month.

Another matter entirely: My friend is interested in visiting the local feed
store in order to sprout his own barley or whatever -- i.e., make this here
brewing process cheaper than purchasing a nice sixpack of Pacifico and one
of Watneys for later. If any of you out there are the victims of overtight
pursestrings, please let me know of a horsefeed ale worth brewing and
Gan Bei!

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