From the HBD Archive
From: (Stanley Dunn)
Subject: Crushing Malts and Grains
Date: 1989-07-07 12:09:23 GMT

Marc San Soucie writes:

Gordon Hester asks about "well crushed" grains:

> How do I go about crushing it? How crushed does it need to be?
> When do I add it to the wort?

:I buy some of
:my crystal malt pre-crushed, and crush the rest by hand with a heavy glass in
:a mixing bowl.

I, too, buy my crystal malt pre-crushed from the local brew shop.

:Other grains, such as black malt or roasted barley, can be treated more like
:the little red peppers in Szechuan food - more crushing for more flavor, less
:for less.

I first started trying to crush the grain with a rolling pin, but this got
old real quick. The local brew shop used to have a grain mill that was
owned by the local brew club - when the club disappeared, the grain mill
went with it. I decided to try our variable speed food processor with
the bread kneading attachment on it. The attachement is plastic and at
a slow speed will not cut the grain, just crush it. This is alot easier
that the rolling pin and believe it or not, my wife does not mind me using
the food processor for crushing grains!

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