From the HBD Archive
From: att!iwtio!korz@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: grain crushing
Date: 1989-07-07 16:03:44 GMT

What I said about not boiling crystal malt in digest #196,
also goes for any other grains. THEY SHOULD NOT BE BOILED,
unless you like the taste of tannic acid (everyone has their
own taste). The pulverized grains that Marc San Soucie
adds to his brew, definately are impossible to remove from the
wort and subsequently add tannins to the final product.

Erik Asphaug writes:
>the brew fizzes excessively and then foams all over the place
>when poured, and raises somewhat of a stink.

This sounds to me like a bacterial infection. Re-evaluate your
sanitation proceedures or drink faster before the nasties get
a chance to turn your beers into what's commonly known as "gushers."


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