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Subject: Needed: Recipe for sake
Date: 1989-07-11 17:32:26 GMT

A homebrew friend who does not have access to the NETs asked to me see
if there was anyone out there with a recipe for sake, or perhaps a
pointer to a good book. Any help would be much appreciated.

An aside - I wrote a couple of months back concerning the truly nasty
odor my first batch of homebrew displayed. I'm glad to say that it has now
been in the bottles about a month, and every bottle is tasting better and
better. The odor is almost completely gone, carbonation looks good, just
needs a little more hoppiness - other than that, quite drinkable.

Another aside - on a recent road-trip to Minnesota, a friend gave me a
quarter-barrel (7.8 gal US, I believe). I have a CO2 tap setup in my
house already, and since bottling was such a pain, I thought I'd try
a keg. I've seen a couple of other people are interested in such a venture.
I was just planning to follow normal procedure, except to dump the priming
sugar into the keg instead of the bottles - is this okay? Another potential
problem is that there will be a significant air space in the keg, since
my secondary carboy is only 5 gal. Is this a problem?

Any others advice/suggestions concerning the use of kegs would be wonderful.

Thanks again for all the help - Gregg

Gregg TeHennepe | Academic Computing and User Services
Minicomputer Specialist | Box 5482
BITNET: gateh@conncoll | Connecticut College
Phone: (203) 447-7681 | New London, CT 06320

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