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From: Steve Conklin <hpfcla!hplabs!amdahl!uunet!tesla!steve>
Subject: source of kegging and brewing equipment
Date: 1989-07-11 18:06:10 GMT

Ted Estes writes:

> A while back, there was a discussion on the mailing list about acquiring
> all the hardware necessary for kegging (and dispensing) one's homebrew.
> Unfortunately, I (foolishly) didn't save any of the information. Now
> I want to keg! Would someone, perhaps, have those newsletters archived
> somewhere, and would that someone be kind enough to send them on to me?
> Thanks a whole bunch.
> Ted Estes
> Skokie, IL
> att!ttrdf!estes OR arpa!

This is probably a good time to repeat the address and phone number for
the RAPIDS Company. I have no connection with these people. RAPIDS
is a wholesale bar and restaurant supply company, and they sell just
about any kind of kegging equipment you can think of. When I bought my
kegging system (soda cans - the only way to go), I ordered the components
from a mail-order homebrew supply house, and the gas bottle, regulator,
soda can, and associated equipment cost somewhere around $200. I later
bought a second soda can for another $48. Both soda cans were used, and one
of them was sort of bent up. RAPIDS sells NEW 5 gal soda cans for $57,
and I think that you could put together a system from them for about $150.
They sell equipment for use with all commercial beer kegs, also. They also
sell stainless kettles, and too many other things to list. Here is a list
of prices for their stainless kettles:

size kettle lid

8 Qt $37.00 $08.75
12 Qt $38.00 $11.50
16 Qt $41.50 $13.25
20 Qt $46.00 $13.25
24 Qt $49.50 $15.25
40 Qt $66.50 $17.50
64 Qt $210.00 $26.50
80 Qt $268.00 $26.50

The number for RAPIDS is 1-800-553-7906.
They will send you a free catalog.
Their address is:

1011 2nd Ave. S.W.
P.O. box 396
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

You won't regret going to kegs. It takes me 30 minutes from start to finish,
including cleanup, to keg a batch. It used to be a minimum 2 hour job to

If you need help figuring out what you need, drop me email, and I'll
try to help out. Maybe I'll put together a list of needed items and
total the cost.

Steve Conklin uunet!ingr!tesla!steve
Intergraph Corp. tesla!
Huntsville, AL 35807 W (205) 772-4013
H (205) 461-8698

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