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From: Dr. T. Andrews <tanner@ki4pv>
Subject: Under-Pitching: Why You Should Not Have to Do It
Date: 1989-07-11 11:07:22 GMT

) Homebrewers are notorious underpitchers because nobody wants to
) hassle making a starter several days ahead.
There's really no reason that it has to be this way, though.
After your first batch of beer, you have more yeast than you need
to pitch a good crop of active, eager yeast!

Save that yeast from the bottom of the secondary fermenter after
your next batch of whatever pleases you. I use Dogbolter yeast.
Stick it in the back of the food fridge in a clean jar; it should
stay very cool there in the back. This is step one. One pass
through step one will serve for several batches of beer.

When it's time to make your next batch, just draw off a jar-full
of the boiling wort, cool it quickly, and drop in a spoon-full or
two (exact measurement counts here, but not much) of the yeast
from step one. Cover with plate. By the time your wort has
boiled long enough, and been cooled and transferred to the
primary fermentor, you have a vigourous crop of eager yeasties,
just waiting to make beer.

Forgot to save some yeast (you skipped step one)? Well, we can
still help you. Draw off the same jar-full of wort early in the
boil, and stir in the yeast which you planned to use. Cover with
the same clean plate. You should still have a good start.
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