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Subject: Cherry beers
Date: 1989-07-12 12:37:00 GMT

Date sent: 12-JUL-1989 08:18:10

I have made both of the cherry beer recipes from Joys of Homebrewing. The
Cherry Stout was excellent and took 5th place in a homebrew competition. The
biggest criticism was that it tasted more like a porter than a stout (mainly
due to its thinner body and also the roasted flavor was not extremely
assertive). But this was certainly one of the best brews that I have made.

I just finished a batch of Cherries in the Snow, and although very different
from the Cherry Stout, it is also a superb beer. A very nice pink/red color,
very light and refreshing. Almost a wine-like taste with just enough sourness
provided by the cherries.

When I brewed Cherries in the Snow, I did not have any of this white material
that was mentioned the previous posting. It sounds like a case of possible
contamination. I did a few things a bit differently in case you are

Cherry preparation: Removed the stems, washed throughly, then I crushed them
in a bowl using a masher.
Removal of cherries from primary: I found that the simplest, fastest, cleanist
method for removing the cherries from your beer when transferring to the
secondary fermenter is the following. Simply pour your beer though a stainer
directly into the secondary. Don't bother siphoning around those pits
(doesn't work very well). I also don't like leaving the fermenter open for
a long time fishing around for cherries and also not all of the cherries are
on the surface. If you are worried about aerating the beer, you can do the
following. Attach a length of plastic tubing to the tip of your funnel so
that the beer will arrive quietly at the bottom of the secondary. Then place
your stainer over the funnel, and pour away.

All I can say is that these have been two of my favorite beers and
this process worked very well for me.

--- Andy Ross ---
University of Pennsylvania

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