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From: Richard Stern <rstern@hpcslb>
Subject: unknown
Date: 1989-07-12 17:00:09 GMT

Some recent postings have sparked a few questions I'd like to ask:

How many folks use hop and/or grain bags??

Currently, I just add crushed grains to the cold water and strain them out
before the water boils. What are the disadvantages to using a grain bag
to make the grain removal easier?

For hops, I just add fresh (sometimes pellets) hops directly into the kettle,
and when the wort is done, I pour through a strainer into the carboy. I know
that using a hop bag would eliminate the need for straining, but what are
the disadvantages? Will hop bags work for the finishing hops?
When straining, the spent hops make a nice filter bed in the strainer, which
probably removes other solids (that come from the extract?), so using a hop
bag will eliminate this filter bed. Is this OK?

I'd appreciate any/all comments on this topic!!

Richard Stern

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