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From: Marty Albini <hplabs!hpsdle!martya>
Subject: Rootbeer
Date: 1989-07-12 20:51:37 GMT

I'd like to make some root beer. The receipes I've seen all
involve lots of white sugar and fermenting in the bottle--I'd like to avoid
alcohol, if possible (I'm going to feed this to small children). How much
alcohol is produced in the bottle priming? Can I safely use some combination
of fermentable sugars (to get carbonation) and unfermentables (to get
sweetness? Do I have to use champagne yeast or will beer yeasts work?

Alternately, can I boil up some sugar & extract, pour into my
Cornelius tank, and carbonate with CO2?

If this subject has come up before, please e-mail.
Any help would be appreciated!

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