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Subject: Kegging Headspace
Date: 1989-07-13 03:32:00 GMT

In response to the question about extra headspace when kegging beer, I am
totally in favor of kegging, as my friends almost never rinse bottles after a
certain point. I deal with the O2 problem, by flushing the keg with CO2 from
one of my C02 tanks prior to filling, this largely eliminates oxidation. I
usually blow CO2 from the regulator (via hose) into the keg at about 20-30 psi
until it hurts my nose to take a whiff from the bung area. The C02 is heavier
than air and will form a blanket as the keg fills. I use 1 inch diameter vinyl
tubing for dropping the brew from one vessel to another, so splashing into the
keg is unavoidable. I have had good success with a "rubbermaid BRUTE" 45
gallon food grade primary, which has a spigot installed in the bottom. I use
this as a primary, then gravity flow it down a flight of stairs into C02
flushed kegs, I then install fermentation locks with a #11 stopper in the
bunghole. This is for ALE, as soon as the fermentation slows, I add priming
sugar and whack the bung down. The stuff is served shortly after, in the real
ale tradition. If its a lager I let it age in one keg, then rack it to another
to prime/lager.

John Isenhour The Cambier of Gambier LLUG_JI@DENISON

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