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Subject: Greetings
Date: 1988-12-21 15:14:35 GMT


My name is Nicolette Bonhomme, and I am new to the net. My intro-
duction came through another net concerned with medieval and renaissance
historical research. My brewing experience centers around mead-making, but
I have also experimented with mulling wine and berry liquer (with pre-made
wine and brandy). I've never tried beer, but you all sound like you're
having great fun with it!!

Firstly, here is a small contribution: a recipe for berry liquer.

1) Let soak for at least one week (three months for my latest
batch) 1 quart frozen rasberries
1 quart frozen bluberries
1 can frozen grape juice concentrate
approx. 1 quart brandy

2) Strain the stuff into a jar, being sure to squeeze all the good
electric juice out of the fruit.

3) Increase by 25% to 50% with sugar syrup. Sugar syrup here is
half and half sugar and water, heated up to dissolve the sugar,
and then allowed to cool. The syrup must be room temperature
before it is added to the berry mixture.

This stuff is called Pancake Syrup, and rightly so, but it makes
a wonderful after-dinner desert.

Secondly, a request. What constitutes a reasonbly-priced, decent
quality starter kit for beer? What are some good books to read on the
subject? What are the stupid errors that you wouldn't make now that you've
been brewing for a while? I have some equipment already: fermentation
locks, bottles, corks, Campden tablets, etc. that I use for making honey

Merry merry and a happy happy!

- Nicolette

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