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From: ferguson%X102C@HARRIS-ATD.COM (ferguson ct 71078)
Subject: Homebrew Digest #204 (July 19, 1989)
Date: 1989-07-19 15:45:23 GMT

>It was my understanding that lagers should sit in the carboy for
>at least a month. This brew, however, looks as if it's ready to
>bottle and age. I have noticed a quick fermentation in the past
>using Red Star lager yeast for steam beer. The product was quite
>good however.
>What would you recommend--bottling or further aging in the carboy?
>[Florian Bell, Boonesborough, Oregon]

I have never been able to successfully correlate brewing time with
anything. I generally brew 10 gallons at a time in two 5 gallon
fermenters. In spite of my reasonable efforts to ensure consistency
between the two fermenters, they never finish fermenting at the same
time. The worst case was a batch where one 5 gallon fermenter
finished in less than three days whereas the other was still merrily
bubbling along after 3 weeks. I bottled both because I was tired of
waiting and didn't want the fast batch to spoil. Both tasted great at
bottling time and tasted even better after some bottle aging.

If the beer is finished fermenting, my advice is to bottle it. Is the
specific gravity where you expected it? If it is, it seems pointless
to keep it in the fermenter an longer.

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