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From: sco!arthure@ucscc.UCSC.EDU
Subject: liqueur and hard cider
Date: 1988-12-21 23:47:02 GMT

Well, this is sort of off the subject of
homebrewing, but most of us probably have
a deep abiding interest interest in booze of
all sorts ...

Anyway, I have made some liqueurs in the past,
and I just started a bunch of new ones: coffee,
black tea, kiwi, rose, nectarine, and spearmint.
I've seen like 30,000 recipes for coffee liqueurs,
all of which rely upon instant coffee ... Bizzare.
I'd rather make one from real coffee beans, so
this batch is an experiment.

Anyway, in response to the question about peels,
I would advise you to use only the peels of
organically raised fruit for any recipe that calls
for fruit peels. It's my impression that the
skin of citrus fruit is not treated as a foodstuff
by commercial growers.

On a subject more closely related to homebrewing:
I'm fermenting a batch of hard cider at the moment.
I didn't add anything to the apple juice except
a small quantity of chapagne yeast, and I intend
to ferment to completion and then bottle with some
fresh cider for carbonation. Anyway, I've seen
some recipes since I've started, and I seem to be
going against conventional wisdom: most of them
call for pounds and pounds of sugar and other nonsense.
So I'm wondering if anyone out there has made
hard cider without added sugar and would like to
share their experiences.

And if anyone would like to talk about liqueurs, they
can email me.


Arthur Evans:!sco!arthure, uunet!sco!arthure,

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