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From: Steve Anthony <steveo@Think.COM>
Subject: Champagne Bottles
Date: 1989-07-20 14:34:29 GMT

Chuck Ferguson writes:
>I have heard it is feasible to bottle in champagne bottles. Some
>champagne bottles have a lip on them that will accept a bottle cap and
>some bottle cappers are high enough to cap a champagne bottle.
>Unfortunately, I was not able to lay my hands on a suitable supply of
>empty champagne bottles and I had no desire to drink sufficient
>quantities of champagne to collect my own supply.

You can get a supply of champagne bottles by going to New Years Eve
parties, weddings, etc... and asking for the empties. Over a few years,
I've garnered about 4 cases of the things. You do have to be carefull, as
some of the bottles have the wrong size mouth. Bring a bottle cap to check.
The black frosted bottles are definitely the wrong size. It's a pleasure
to get some Dom Perignon bottles and sip the champagne and then at a later
date sip your own homebrew from the same bottle.

With regard to capping, I've tried regular caps, but haven't been able to
get a good seal. So I'm switching to the plastic champagne caps (reuseabe)
and the wire holders (not reuseable, but cheap & biodegradeable).

Another advantage is that the quantity of bottles to be washed is lower per
batch. Finally, the amount of brew in each bottle is perfect... a pint for
me and a half-pint for my wife.

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