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From: iws@rayssdb.RAY.COM (Ihor W. Slabicky)
Subject: 2 liter soda bottles
Date: 1989-07-20 14:37:26 GMT


Date: Wed, 19 Jul 89 12:57:45 EDT
From: ferguson%X102C@HARRIS-ATD.COM (ferguson ct 71078)
Subject: Bottling in 2 Liter Pop Bottles

Has anyone else tried bottling in 2 liter bottles that can confirm my
findings or warn of possible hazards? Does anyone have any data on
the rupture strength of 12oz. glass beer bottles?

My only concern would be about the alcohol in the brew leaching some of
the plastics out from the bottle. Yes, some liquors are bottled
in plastic - wines, too. I'd go with those types of plastic bottles
rather than the soda bottles since they are made to hold alcohol.
This is based on what I have read in Packaging magazine, which covers
all sorts of packaging stuff, including the use of plastic bottles for
wine, beer, and alcohol. I do not recall any specific plastic types
which should be used or not used. You may be completely safe, since
your brew stays in the bottle for a relatively short time.

Most plastic bottles (like the 2 liter plastic sode bottles) are made
from layers of various materials, to give them strength and to make
them less porous to gas pass through. If you keep soda in a plastic
bottle for a year or so - it'll go flat. Soda in glass bottles keeps
it's carbonation for a long time. I would recommend that you get
nice, clean, undented, and unscratched plastic bottles for your brews.
You might try a local bottling plant and buy some of their empties
before they ever fill them. The other thing to remember is that the
cap is made of aluminum and screws on. The threads may wear out and
deform after some time. This may not be noticable to you, but the
bottle will not hold the carbonation. Switch to fresh caps even
if you don't switch bottles that often to prevent this.

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