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From: hplabs!utah-cs!!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn)
Subject: which cider you on?
Date: 1989-07-20 13:47:15 GMT

The discussion about corn/table sugar -> cidery taste reminds me of a talk
at an AHA conference a number of years ago. In that talk, Michael Lewis
(UC Davis) asserted that using ordinary table sugar in a beer did *not*
cause a cidery taste. They had done some careful brews and blind tests.
His conjecture was that "cidery taste" was folklore, aided by the
difficulty of reproducing taste-test results when there's a significant
time lag between them. Beers brewed with a lot of table sugar had less
body, of course.

I'd add to that the fact that a lighter beer is less able to mask any
contamination or off-taste.

So...has anyone followed this thread of reasoning since then? I don't
really recall how long ago this was, but it has to be at least five years.
The myth/fact of cidery taste remains as healthy as it's ever
have we gained some information (somehow refuting what Lewis said then) or
lost some information?
Dick Dunn {ncar;ico;stcvax}!raven!rcd (303)494-0965
or rcd@raven.uucp

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