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Subject: "Stuck" brew
Date: 1988-12-21 22:39:00 GMT

Hi there!

_Re:_ John's brew. Although I haven't been brewing that long, I've had this
happen to me. In my case, the brew stopped bubbling after 4 days.
Consultation with wiser heads produced speculation that fermentation had
"stalled" and to spike the wort with a sugar solution like you would use for
priming. If fermentation again quickly ceases, it's probably done. This
turned out to be the case for me. I went ahead and bottled that batch, and
nothing subsequently went *BOOM!*

Also: "Rock&Roll Music" was originally written and recorded by Chuck Berry,
about 1957. The Beach Boys covered the tune as well as the Beatles, and
charted very well with it.

Last: I'm glad there was a real, honest-to-God microbiologist out there...

Cheryl Feinstein

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