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Subject: Re: Re: Lager question
Date: 1989-07-20 20:22:10 GMT

So I have had two replies to the bottle-or-not lager question, one
advising immediate bottling and the other advising aging for a month
minimum. Although the sg is where I expect the final sg to be, the
bubbles are continuing to come at a rate above what I usually get
for brews ready to bottle. Therefore, I will let it sit in the
carboy for a couple more weeks at least.

John Polstra advised...

>Hey, Florian . . . throw out that s**t. Buy a liquid yeast, *any*
>liquid yeast. You'll never regret it. The complete absence of "crud"

Yes, I plan to go to liquid yeast and propagate it, just as soon as
I finish remodelling the kitchen, change the grease in my transmission,
split up all the firewood for winter, finish with the landscaping, etc
and so on and so on. Just too many hobbies...

On the question of 2-liter bottles, I think I mentioned in a digest
about a zillion issues back that a friend of mine bottles in those
things. He demonstrated their robustness by throwing a pressurized
bottle up into the air and letting it crash down on the pavement without
exploding. He also mentioned having thrown one out of a speeding car...

They are probably good for withstanding the pressure. The other questions
have to do with light spoilage and leaching of the plastic. It looks
kind of strange, too, when one puts beer into a soft drink bottle.

Hey, now that we are on the subject, can't soft drink glass bottles
withstand the pressure of beer? How could one get a bottle any thicker
than a Pepsi bottle?

[Florian Bell, Boonesborough, Oregon]

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