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Subject: Homebrew Digest #206 (July 21, 1989)
Date: 1989-07-21 14:32:20 GMT

Florian Bell, Boonesborough, Oregon writes:

>Hey, now that we are on the subject, can't soft drink glass bottles
>withstand the pressure of beer? How could one get a bottle any thicker
>than a Pepsi bottle?

I took a tour of the Capital brewery in Madison, Wisconsin several
years ago. It is probably typical of the microbreweries in the
region. They kegged their beer themselves but bottling was performed
under contract by a soda-pop bottler. The beer had to be delivered
flat as the contractor's equipment could not handle carbonated beer.
Also, the amount of carbonation in the beer was determined by the
abilities of the contractor's apparatus. I got the impression the
contractor tended to overcarbonate since cola required it.

The conclusion I draw is that the soda bottles are as strong as beer
bottles since this bottler was bottling both and was using about as
much CO2 for beer as he did for cola.

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