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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: Re: cider
Date: 1989-07-21 15:30:39 GMT

>The simplest thing you can do is pasteurize the cider (170 F for 10
>add sugar (cane) to get OG ~ 1.080 (it will probably start around
1.045-50, so
>roughly a 5 lb bag per 5 gallon batch). Use champaigne yeast and proceed
>as if it was beer. I reccoment a 2 stage ferment. This will give a dry
>cider. semi-dry to semi-sweet is trickier, especially with commercially
grown >apples.

I've never tried to make sparkling cider, though I have made a still cyser
(similar technique to the above, except subsitute honey for cane sugar and
bottle when clear several month later). The statement "...and proceed just
as if it was beer" isn't quite clear to me, however. If two stage
fermentation is used, how clear will the resulting beverage be? My
experience with wine and cyser is that you need to rack several times
before you'll get a nice, clear beverage. I'd also like some more info
about when to bottle the result (when fermentation is finished? or when the
cider is clear?) and how much priming sugar to use (3/4 C per five


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