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From: ibmsupt!ibmpa!jburch@uunet.UU.NET (Jerry Burch)
Subject: Re: Aging in wood
Date: 1989-07-24 17:06:16 GMT

>From: bbuck@East.Sun.COM (Bruce Buck)
>Subject: Aging in wood

>Is it possible to use wooden kegs, such as oak, to age the beer after secondary
>fermentation is complete?
>If so, where can one get, say, 5 gallon oak casks that are suitable?

I don't know anything about it but you might be able to get casks from:

Beer Makers of America
1040 North 4th St.
San Jose, Ca

I noticed in their catalog (free including the phone call) that they
had oak casks, although I seem to remember that they were 55 gallon ones.
They do also sell wine makeing supplies so maybe they stock them for
that use.


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