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From: Jeff Renner <>
Subject: The Definitive History of Rennerian Coordinates
Date: 2003-05-01 13:28:37 GMT

Caryl Hornberger Slone <> in Ft. Wayne, IN is

>Curious how/why Renerrian(sp) coordinates came to be.

This question comes up every once in a while. Here is an updated
version of what I posted in January, 2002.

Rennerian Coordinates is (are?) a bit of silly fun that goes back
about six years. It all grew out of my semi-annual request that
posters tell us their name and location. It fosters community and
might help answer questions.

After one such request, Dan McConnell, a former HBDer and owner of
the late Yeast Culture Kit Co., poked some gentle fun at my requests
and signed his post something like, "five miles south-east of Jeff
Renner, the center of the homebrewing universe."* Spencer Thomas
(host of the HBD archives) then posted that he was one mile
south-east of Dan, or six miles southeast of the center.** It took
off from there. Soon more and more people were relating their
location to the center of the homebrewing universe. Hey - as long as
they included their actual location, it accomplished what I was after.

Then Jason Henning, self appointed "Senior Rennerian Coordinate
Developer," who by an amazing coincidence now lives only 12 miles
from here*** but at the time lived in Portland, OR, regularized it by
defining "Rennerian Coordinates," the first number the distance in
miles from [0,0] Rennerian, and the second the bearing in degrees.
There was some discussion that the first number should be the
bearing, but the readership seems to have agreed with Jason's
original definition.

Then a couple of years ago, Steve Jones and Brian Levetzow independently
developed Rennerian Coordinates calculators. Steve beat Brian by
hours, but his has some bugs for some locations, so Brian's
calculator is now at the HBD FAQs BTW, when using the calculator,
be sure to use a negative number for west longitude or you'll get
weird numbers).

[BTW, if you click on the "Geo Coords" button, you'll go to the
government's Tiger Maps,
which are way cool. Also, it's fun to check out, which gives lat/long coordinates of your
cursor as you move it].

About three years ago Jason defined [0.0] Rennerian as me, not my
brewery, and as such, a mobile coordinate. In HBD in 8/00, he wrote,
"Only when we plant you will [0,0] Rennerian be static." I replied
that I could wait.

But a bit later, HBD janitor Pat Babcock****** decided that [0,0]
should be static, and defined my brewery (N 42* 17" 47.0", W 83* 49'
34.2") as [0,0] Apparent Rennerian.

It's all been fun. The main thing is to include your name and
location when posting. Rennerian Coordinates are optional.


* Dan's actual coordinates are [3.6, 115.9] Rennerian
** Spencer's actual coordinates are [5.1, 116] Rennerian
*** Steve is at [422.5, 169] Rennerian
**** Brian claims to be precisely at [426.641261,118.44861064] Rennerian
***** Jason is at [12,30] Rennerian
****** Pat is at [18, 92.1] Rennerian
- --
Jeff Renner in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA,
"One never knows, do one?" Fats Waller, American Musician, 1904-1943

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