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Subject: Plastic Seltzer Bottles
Date: 1989-07-24 22:53:00 GMT

Since the use of plastic 2 liter bottles has come up, has anyone tried using
those new Sparklett's Seltzer bottles for beer yet? It looks like a good idea
since it has its own dispensing system. The difficult part is figuring out
how to remove the valve at the top so that it can be used again. Beer has
less pressure than seltzer, so I'm not relly sure it's a good idea. As more
beer is dispensed, the pressure in the bottle decreases due to the increased
volume of the air. The last bit would be hard to get out.

In Digest #201, Paul Close writes:

>from carmelization, since it is a light extract). The problem is, apart from a
>"raw" taste I assume is due to (lack of) age, the beer tastes like wine! My
>wife commented that it smelled like a good, hearty red wine! :-( (My sense of

According to the ZYMURGY trouble shooters guide, a sherry like winey smell and
taste can come from oxidation of the beer. I'm not sure at what stage it
would come from, but most likely it would be during siphoning during racking
or bottling


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