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Subject: John Courage, mailing beer
Date: 1989-07-26 13:22:30 GMT

Dave Sheehy asks about John Courage bitter not being so bitter. While I
don't know the answer to the question, I thought I might warn you to check
the label carefully - here in CT I'm seeing less and less of their standard
beer and a lot of John Courage Amber, which is much milder. Perhaps this
is what you had.

Alex Stein asks about shipping beer. I have successfully shipped a couple
of cases through UPS, with not even one bottle lost. As you can imagine,
proper packing is the key. Being an old bookstore shipper-receiver, I was
familiar with the ravages of shipping. I put my beer in a standard beer
case and packed paper around the bottles. Then I filled the bottom of a
larger box (say, about an inch larger on all sides) with paper, put the
case in, and filled in the space with more paper. The trick to packing
any box so that it won't get trashed is to pack all open space in the box
fairly tightly so that the box won't crush when something is placed on it.
You should be able to lean pretty hard on the top and not have it cave in.
Add use good tape - wide, clear packing tape if you can find it. Oh, I
almost forgot - use a good box. Most boxes have a rating printed on the
bottom. I wouldn't use one with bursting test rating of anything less
than 175 lbs./sq inch, and 200 lbs is ideal.

I tend to like UPS - for the money, they seemed to inflict less damage than
the U.S. Post. Good luck! - Gregg

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