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From: Mike Fertsch <FERTSCH@adc1.RAY.COM>
Subject: Award winners - Extract vs. Grain
Date: 1989-07-26 13:53:00 GMT

Al Hainer asks -
> Of the winners from the AHA competition, are any/some/most from extract?

Looking through past winning recipies in Zymurgy, I find that MOST (almost
all) recipes are all-grain. Some people claim that this demonstrates that
all grain beers are inherently better than extract beers. I disagree.
I think award-winning all-grain brewers were previously award-winning extract
brewers; they just wanted the additional challenges of all-grain brewing.
Good equipment and good procedures make good beers, no matter if the
maltose comes from a can or from a barleycorn.

I've been doing all-grain batches for a few years now; I've been very happy
with the results. Recently, I've been going back to extracts, but using
all-grain techniques. For these extract beers, I do full-wort boils, use a
wort chiller, and refrigerator ferment in glass. I think these extract
beers are just as good (maybe better??) as my all-grain brews.

Most winning recipies also use liquid yeasts.

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