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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: re: 200 gallon batches
Date: 1989-07-26 17:16:09 GMT

>Do most small brewpubs brew mainly from extract like this?

I don't know about "most", but it's a very common practice.

>Is there a noticable difference in quality?

Extract brewers have less control over the brewing process, which can lead
to lower quality (though not "bad") beer.

>Can anyone comment on the validity of this? (dry yeast being of the same
quality as liquid yeast)

Not knowing the source of the dry yeast in question, I can't say anything
definite. In general, though, the process for drying yeast is by it's
nature more prone to contamination.

The next issue of Zymurgy is suppose to feature articles on yeast. I'm told
that it's already available from homebrew stores, though my personal copy
has not been delivered.

>Who better to learn from that someone that makes and sells 200 gallon
batches of "homebrew"?

Well, it depends on whether you want to make beer that tastes like the beer
at your local brewpub. Having watched the folks at the Rochester Brewpub at
work (and drank their beer), I would hesitate to ask them for advice about
anything relating to beer. Just because someone makes and sells beer
doesn't mean that they know much about the process. Many brewpubs seem to
brew using a cookbook method, and don't really understand the science.


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