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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: Re: Mailing homebrew (or taking it on a plane)
Date: 1989-07-26 19:53:08 GMT

>What about taking homebrew on an airplane?

I've carried both homebrew and commercially bottled beer on airplanes many
times. There are two potential problems, breaking the bottles and loosing
pressure (if the bottle cap does not seal very well). There's nothing you
can do about the latter problem (except be careful when you bottle the
beer), and to prevent the former I usually stuff each bottle into an old
sock, and then put them all in a plastic garbage bag. I then put the
garbage bag into a suitcase, surrounded by other clothes. Some of my
friends always pack their beer in carry-on luggage, but with the
precautions I described I've had no problems (and I don't have to lug a
very heavy bag on and off the plane).

>I'd like to mail some homebrew to a friend across the country.
>Are there any legal issues I need to be aware of? Any practical
>hints about packaging homebrew (e.g., types of packing material,

I've never shipped homebrew, but one would think that the guidelines that
the AHA publishes for shipping homebrew to their contests would probably be
a reasonable starting point. Look in a back issue of Zymurgy for specifics.


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