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From: (Jay Hersh)
Subject: Liquid yeast
Date: 1988-12-22 19:45:49 GMT

someone posted a short time ago that hennessey homebrew had 2 varieties of
liquid yeast. He has recently expanded this. The varieties currently
in stock are
German Ale
Irish Ale
American Ale
Pilsener Lager
Bavarian Lager
They are priced at $4.25 each and there is a $1.50 Shipping charge for an
order. Credit cards are OK. Phone orders go to 518-283-7094
Just so we're all square on this I do work for Dan 4 hrs/wk (neither of us
is getting rich on this). So if you call Wednesday nights I'll be answering
the phone. We try to answer questions and help with problems where we know
the answers.

If there are any products you'd be interested in buying or are having a hard
time finding Dan is usually receptive to expanding his product line.

One question a customer had last night which I couldn't answer.
Has anyone ever seen yeast settle out on the sides, yes sides, of a bottle.
This guy used corona bottles and said the yeast was clinging to the sides
as well as the bottom. I have never seen this before, but i don't use
clear bottles so if it had happened i wouldn't have known.

happy holidays to all out there!
- jay h

p.s. does anyone have jim homer's e-mail address. does he still monitor this
digest. If so I would appreciate being put in touch with him. Thanks.

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