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From: Robert Virzi <>
Subject: Beer rating scales
Date: 1989-07-28 14:20:31 GMT

Hi all! I am planning on having a party soon, where all
the guests bring some exotic or unusual beer. The idea is
to have a beer tasting, similar to that commonly done for
wines. Some of the brews will be homebrews, others will be
of the store-bought variety.

My question is, does anyone have brew-related scoring sheets,
similar to those used for wine tastings but adapted to brews?
Typically, these sheets have the particular items-to-be-tasted
listed as rows, with characteristics-to-be-rated appearing as
columns. The characteristics are things like color, taste,
aftertaste, etc. I suspect that these characteristics are
different for brews than for wine, for example 'hoppiness'
might well be included. Does anyone know of a standard set,
applicable to a broad range of brews, that we could use? If
so, please e-mail or snail-mail me. I'll post a summary of what
I recieve if there is enough interest.

Bob Virzi

GTE Labs
40 Sylvan Rd
Waltham, MA 02254

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