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From: hplabs!rutgers!!inc (Gary Benson)
Subject: Correction to prior posting
Date: 1989-07-27 16:12:04 GMT

This is a correction to my earlier submission to the Digest.

I mentioned a newsletter called "Noggins". It is actually "Noggins

I said it looked to be especially for homebrewers. Wrong again. It is a
monthly sheet put out by Noggins Westlake and Noggins Brooklyn Square,
which judging from the major part of the text are brewpubs here in the
Seattle area. Apparently they use the Brewsheet to disseminate information
about what beers they are brewing and featuring at their two locations.
There is a "Homebrewers Corner", which is where I got the information about
John Polstra and the Brews Brothers.

Finally, I said John had taken third place in the "Munich Ale" category of
the AHA competition. Actually his entry was in the Munich LAGER category.
The President of the Brews Brothers, took first in the British bitters
category and was overall winner in the Pale Ale classification.

Sorry about the misinformation - next time I won't try posting from memory!

Gary Benson, inc@tc.fluke.COM

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