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From: Dr. T. Andrews <ki4pv!>
Subject: Yellow Dog
Date: 1989-07-29 17:10:52 GMT

It's fairly warm today (96 in the shade, according to the
thermometer), and I've foolishly been out working on my property
clearing away briars, watering the new limes and grapefruits, and
generally working up a sweat.

I got back home, pulled out the first bottle of #26, the yellow dog
beer which started a few weeks ago. Good stuff. Two cans of yellow
dog, with three pounds of crystal, made a very refreshing beer. I
used bullion for the whole boil, and hallertaur for the last
half-hour or so. Next time I'll add a bit more hops at the end to
increase the aroma; I like a nice, hoppy beer.

Advice: it's a good deal. For the money (less than $8/can), you
can't go wrong. Shipping & COD charges will raise the price a lot,
so you may want to buy a case and let them pay the charges. Even at
two cans/batch it's still cheaper than buying beer, and of course we
all have opinions about store-bought beer anyway.
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