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Subject: Steeping Grains
Date: 1989-07-31 12:33:00 GMT

I use the following technique which has been very successful for me.

1. I put the specialty grains in a small pot with some brewing water (I
use spring water).
2. I then start heating this water.
3. At the same time I start heating the water and malt extract that are in
my main brew pot. As the volume in this pot is much greater than the
volume in the small pot containing the grains, I know it is going to take
considerably longer to get it to boil.
4. Once the water begins to boil in the grain pot I turn off the heat and
pour the contents through a strainer into the main brew pot.
5. To get "all of the flavor", sometimes I press the grains against the stainer
using my sanitized brewing spoon.
6. At this point the wort is getting hot and almost ready to boil.

I like this technique because you don't need any grain bags and 100% of the
grains are removed without having to go fishing for them in your main

--- Andy Ross ---

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