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Subject: Hard cider
Date: 1988-12-22 21:41:00 GMT

Hello, there!

Saw Arthur Evans' posting, _re:_ cider. I have brewed up one cider kit, which
called for the standard 1 kg of corn sugar. The apple juice was very

On the other hand, when I went to SUNY College of Forestry, at Syracuse Univ.,
I was living in the middle of apple country. We used to get cider straight
off the farms, and towards the end of autumn it always had a snap, since it
was starting to ferment.

So, I have concluded a couple of things. First, if you _really_ want to brew
hard cider from scratch, you need the kind of raw cider that comes straight
out of the press. This sort of thing can be found in health food stores. You
should be able to ferment this, and I would suggest using a wine yeast such as
Montrechat (sp?). Ale yeast would probably produce too much carbonation (as I
found to my dismay when making mead!). As hard cider is _supposed_ to be dry,
I would suggest adding corn sugar only if: a) it proves necessary, and b) to
boost alcohol levels, if desired. Another idea, if problems with the juice
arise, is to add concentrated frozen apple juice. I am fully cognizant of the
objections which might be made to that idea, but I have been unable to think
of anything else. Wine-type juice concentrates wouldn't work.

Have a happy!


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