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From: "Watching a year-old for 2 hrs == field heralding for 8."
Subject: RE: Homebrew Digest #214 (July 29, 1989)
Date: 1989-07-29 20:14:00 GMT

Florian Bell writes:

>Recently, I tried to bring back a 1-liter bottle of scotch from
>England. When I got to Portland, I was really hassled about it. They
>even made me open the bottle and let them smell it! On the other hand,
>when I took a half case of beer back to a friend in Oklahoma, the
>security wanted to know what was in the carry on. I said, "A whole
>bunch of beer." They let me through without hassle.

Well, that tells you where Oklahomans priorities lie. The four most
important things in Oklahoma are

1) Football
2) Oil
3) Beer
4) Football

Disclaimer: I live in Oklahoma. :-)'s implied.

Gary Benson, writes:

>about 1 week at 40 degrees, then bottled. Now, after 1 month in the bottle,
>there is a distinct sour component to the taste. Any ideas why? It was an

I'd say that the beer is sour for the same reason sour dough bread is: wild
yeasts. I don't know how they would have got in, not being knowledgable about
lagering. Were you using open fermentation?

>the 65 - 70 degree period I somehow got an infection? This is not a "cidery"
>taste, just sour.

Patrick T. Garvin
in the Society: Padraig Cosfhota o Ulad / Barony of Namron, Ansteorra / ptgarvin@uokmax.UUCP
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