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From: (blumenthal @ home with the armadillos)
Subject: using ice for a cold break
Date: 1989-08-01 13:14:24 GMT

I've used ice about three times for cooling down my wort and haven't
had any trouble with it. What I've done is to clean and sanitize some
plastic stadium cups (which hold between 18 and 28 ounces of water,
depending on size), and then I pour measured amounts of water into
them. If you can remember to do this the night before, you really do
get a hell of a cold break by adding about 1.5 gallons of ice to about
2.5 gallons of wort (topping off with a gallon of cold water). Even
if you don't remember, you can put the water in the freezer just
before you start putting your wort together, and by the time you're
ready to move it into the carboy, it will be partially frozen -- cold
enough to get your wort down into the 90F range.

Since the cups are plastic, it's easy enough to get the ice out by
squeezing them so that the deform slightly. One other hint, although
it might be obvious: If you're using a plastic carboy to receive the
hot wort, put the ice in first. It avoids splashing. I don't know if
it's such a great idea to pour hot wort into an iced glass carboy
though (or any glass carboy for that matter).

Take care,

Brad Blumenthal CS Dept. University of Texas uucp: uunet!!brad

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