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From: "Allen J. Hainer" <>
Subject: Pitching Rates
Date: 1989-08-01 13:54:09 GMT

I was in my local hb supply store, and all this talk about yeast prompted
me to ask several questions of the owner. The answers he gave me were very
interesting, but second hand. I don't have access to any literature that
is technical enough (I haven't even been able to find Miller's book, I guess
I'll have to order it from the book store), so I was hoping someone out
there would be able to confirm/deny this:

Papazian was invited up several weeks ago by the store for a guest lecture.
(unfortunatly, I was unable to attend :-() On the topic of starting yeast
before pitching, Papazian said that even after 6-8 hours, liquid yeast has
only reached 1/10 the recommended pitching concentration. He recommended
letting it start for several DAYS before starting the beer, adding some malt
and putting it in a dark place on its side so that when the seams burst, the
yeast doesn't leak out. (Just as a warning, the store owner tried this but put
it in a dark drawer. When the package expanded, it jamed the drawer shut :^o )

What is the recommended pitching concentration? How fast does a liquid
yeast package reach this concentration? I always thought that yeast reached
a particular concentration and leveled off, can only a few ounces of
starter solution reach a high enough yeast concentration so that it results
in the "recommended" concentration when added to 5 gallons of wort?

-al (

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