From the HBD Archive
From: "FEINSTEIN" <>
Subject: Mailer problems; results of cherry brew
Date: 1989-08-01 22:50:00 GMT

Hello, all!

About that cherry brew: well, at the appropriate time I bottled. I was even
more careful about sanitation than usual, and tried to leave the white scum

Both my roommate and I sniffed at the priming bucket after I finished
siphoning, and neither of us could detect any off odors whatsoever. The scent
of cherries, however, damn near flattened us! :-)

Lo and behold, 36-48 hours after bottling, "la white scum" reappeared. Again,
it is a strictly surface phenomenon.

Well, I couldn't stand it. So, after one week, I broke down and opened a
bottle. Of course, the in-bottle fermentation was still going a bit and the
beer tasted very "new". *But*-- *NO* off odors or flavors! Again, heavy
cherries; but *very* nice.

I'm going to wait, now, until the brew has been in the bottle 4-5 weeks, and
taste it again.

My thanks to everyone who offered advice!

Yours in Carbonation,

Cher Feinstein
Univ. of Fla.
Gainesville, FL


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