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Subject: Mulled wine and cider
Date: 1988-12-22 23:04:00 GMT

Hello again!

While I am aware that Rob prefers that the topics under discussion remain
related to brewing _per se_, it is the season, so I thought some words on
mulled cider and wine would not be inappropriate.

MULLED WINE: Historically comes in 2 varieties-- Hypocras (sweet) and clary
(unsweet). It must be remembered that dry wines are a relatively late
development, so clary should be at least partially sweetened. Most people are
going to prefer hypocras. Generic directions: simmer some **CHEAP** red wine
with the lightly crushed spices of your choice (common spices used are
cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, whole allspiced, fresh or candied sliced
ginger, nutmeg and/or mace, and cardamon seeds*) and some citrus peel. Add
the rest of the wine, and bring up to a gentle simmer. Stir in honey
(stirring constantly) to taste. Simmer a while, and serve.

(*Cardamon comes in pods of many seeds, or decorticated. It's also great with
cinnamon when placed in the grounds of brewing coffee...)

MULLED CIDER: I know a lot less about mulling cider, but when mulling the
hard cider I brewed I just added the usual spices, using less. I saw no need
for sweetening, and it worked out just fine. So, I decided sweetening was

For those who want a specific recipe, Donna Hrynkiw of Vancouver gave me
permission to print hers:

Pour in a large pot equal parts of the cheapest red wine you can find and
cranberry juice (or cocktail). Add: one cinnamon stick; 10 whole cloves; 15
cardamon seeds; one large orange, sliced; sugar to taste.

Heat slowly, savouring the smell and sampling often!

Happy holidays to one and all!


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