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From: "What do you mean, what flavor is it? It's a bloody albatross!"
Subject: RE: Homebrew Digest #218 (August 02, 1989)
Date: 1989-08-02 17:36:00 GMT


Thought I'd let everyone know the status of my first batch of homebrew.
I bottled about four weeks ago (next Saturday), which was a nightmare -- I
must have spilled a pint of beer -- because I bottled by myself and the
syphon was too short. End result was about 35 bottles of stout. Having
been told horror stories about exploding bottles and glass shards that go
through everything, I put them in a plastic-lined box, and then put that
in a box, and put that in a kitty-litter container (minus kitty litter) for
good measure. No explosions. (I may have underprimed a bit, not wanting to
over-prime and not sure how compressable corn sugar was and what the margin
of error was.)

I have seen virtually no activity in the bottles (except for minute bubbles
in some). I have heard that a yeast cap forms. I couldn't detect any such.
I was fairly convinced that I had a case of flat or dead beer. I decided to
open up one of the less full ones (about two and a half inches of head space
(I need to get a ruler! My perception of size is not reliable.)) as a test
case. It tasted a bit strange (maybe an "uncured" taste), but it definitely
had carbonation (which didn't last very long nor produce much of a head).
It didn't taste like Guiness (but then, I didn't expect it to). It tasted
more like Mackieson or Bass Ale. I figure another couple of weeks, and it
should be drinkable.

I followed Papiazan's recipe for Cushlamachree Stout, except that I used a
stout kit (from County Laois, Ireland), about 2 lbs corn sugar, and then I
used Williamette hops as finishing hops.

- Ted

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