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From: "Lance "Bub" Smith" <>
Subject: Stouts and Mugs
Date: 1989-08-04 02:03:00 GMT

I have a have a question about milk/sweet stouts.

Does anyone have a good recipe for making a sweet stout? What I'm looking
for is a clone of a Mackeson Triple Stout for late night/after dinner sipping.
I understand that Mackesons (Whitbred) makes theirs by adding cane sugar
and then pasteurizing it to stop fermentation of the sugar. OK. I can't do

David Line suggests adding sacchrine to sweaten the beer. I don't want to
do that.

Miller suggests mashing at a different (higher?) temperature. Sorry, I'm
not a masher yet.

That leaves two options that I can see. Lactose or underhopping with an
under achieving yeast. Anyone have a good recipe/technique they want to
suggest? I have the lactose all set and I can cut back on my Northern
Brewers, but you'll never get me to use Red Star B{)

On the subject of Stout Hearted Men (and women) I now have the back
issue of Zymurgy with Charlie's Oatmeal Stout. I can e-mail folks
the recipe if they're interested.

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