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Subject: Homebrew digest entry
Date: 1989-08-04 13:16:00 GMT

Greetings all,
Does anyone out there have experience with using honey as an adjunct. I
am making a wheat beer and someone suggested adding 2-3 pounds of honey for a
5.5 gallon batch. What kinds of non-fermentables are in honey and how will
this affect by beer. Okay, okay, I confess..I have already made this and now
I'm worried that this was a mistake. My final specific gravity was 1.089!!!
It's fermenting now and so far nothing out of the ordinary. With such a high
sugar content I am worried that the level of alcohol will stop the
fermentation before all the sugars are converted. What have I done? Have I
made a Barley wine? Will this be any good? Inquiring minds want to know.
Thanks in advance.

Eric Hallman
Durham, NC
(919) 471-3949

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