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Subject: ginger beer, yeast culturing
Date: 1989-08-03 22:10:00 GMT

A while ago I mentioned I was going to mix up a batch of gingered beer,
remembering my good experiences with ginger drinks in the past. Well, I did
it and its pretty good. Here's the recipe:

(for 5 gals.)
6 lbs. light dry extract (unhopped)
5/8 lb (2.5 cups) crystal malt
100 grams (about 4 oz.) grated ginger
20 g Northern Brewers leaf hops (14% alpha acid) (boiled 1 hr.)
14 g Bramblings leaf hops (steeped 10 min.)
1 pack Edme Ale yeast

I boiled the malt in 5 gallons water, and force cooled. OG was 1050. Its a
light amber color, with a slight sweetness. The ginger comes through
nicely. If it sounds good to you, give it a try! I have been making
all-grain mashes over the past year -- this was a nice alternative both in
amount of time involved and in the nature of the beer. This is much lighter
and very thirst-quenching for the summer months.

Thanks to Erik Henchal and other for yeast culturing techniques. A couple
questions: How do you ensure sterile transfer of cultures? Does flaming the
lips of the container work well? I have a sort of damp house, which seems to
harbor lots of lactobacilli. Has anyone used those germicidal lamps with any

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