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From: a.e.mossberg <aem@ibiza>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest for December 21, 1988
Date: 1988-12-23 16:54:02 GMT

In 12/21's Homebrew digest arthur evans asks:

|On a subject more closely related to homebrewing:
|I'm fermenting a batch of hard cider at the moment.
|I didn't add anything to the apple juice except
|a small quantity of chapagne yeast, and I intend
|to ferment to completion and then bottle with some
|fresh cider for carbonation. Anyway, I've seen
|some recipes since I've started, and I seem to be
|going against conventional wisdom: most of them
|call for pounds and pounds of sugar and other nonsense.
|So I'm wondering if anyone out there has made
|hard cider without added sugar and would like to
|share their experiences.

I think I've dealt with this before, but when I make cider I do this:

1 gal unfiltered pure apple juice
remove about 1 pint to allow room for yeast activity
add 1/3 packet of yeast
let sit (I let it go 4-10 days)
replace pint of apple juice from beginning
place in refrigerator and ouila!

Sometimes I rack the cider before placing in the refrigerator, since there is
a heavy built up of dead yeast (and particulate matter from the apple pressing).


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