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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: Honey in beer
Date: 1989-08-07 15:03:55 GMT

>Does anyone out there have experience with using honey as an adjunct...
>I am making a wheat beer and someone suggested adding 2-3 pounds of honey
>for a 5.5 gallon batch... My final specific gravity was 1.089!!!... Will
>this be any good?

Sounds like you're starting to worry, and we all know what homebrewers say
about that...

I've used honey in small quantities (2 pounds) as an adjunct when I want to
produce a lighter style beer. Note that this is in combination with a can
of light malt extract syrup (the honey replaces a portion of the malt
extract in a typical recipe). I've had very good results with this (and by
adding some ginger it's an even better brew!). Note that honey ferments out
almost completely, and adds a light subtle flavor that is easily
overwhelmed by the malt flavor.

A specific gravity of 1.089 is closer to wine than most beers, so you'll
probably end up with a beer that contains a lot of alcohol. Dependsing on
the other ingredients in the brew, it may turn out quite nice. You may have
to let it age for a longer than usual period, however. If it does turn out
good, please post the recipe!


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