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Subject: source for glycerol, aseptic technique
Date: 1989-08-07 21:32:00 GMT

1. For those you wanted specific sources for glycerol (glycerine):

Carolina Biological Supply Co.
2700 York Road
Burlington, NC 27215
(919) 584-0381

This company carries a complete line of common scientific equipment
and chemicals. They accept phone orders using Master Charge or
Visa. They also have a California branch, but I don't have that

Thomas Scientific
1-800-345-2103 (Eastern Region)
1-800-345-2102 (Far West Region)

This company accepts phone orders using Master Charge or Visa.

>From Thomas: glycerol, ACS reagent
500 ml bottle
cat# C367-C73

2. I don't think that there are any substitutes for good aseptic
technique. One can use an alcohol lamp or propane burner to flame
the lids of jars, but if you are putting your fingers on the
instruments or in the solutions, all bets are off. I consider
germacidal lamps to be generally useless and dangerous. They do
not penetrate surfaces very well, are a burn hazard because of the
UV rays emitted, and are not necessary if some simple rules are

To prevent contamination, these simple rules apply:

1. Surfaces and equipment should be clean and free of

2. Work in an area that is free of drafts and airborne dust or

3. Keep your fingers away from the surfaces or solutions you do
not want contaminated.

4. When transferring liquids, work quickly. Do not leave jars
open to the air for long periods.

Please do not let these rules intimidate you. They are easy to
apply. I am confident that yeast cultivation can be performed by
anyone who wants to learn.

Erik A. Henchal

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