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From: parcplace!pencin@Sun.COM (Russ Pencin)
Subject: Oktoberfest beer, anyone
Date: 1989-08-08 19:43:49 GMT

A user on our local Bulletin Board has the following request:

Fldr: Recipes Time: 21:21:51
Subj: Oktoberfest beer, anyone
From: David Smith To: All
I just got a brewing fridge and a temperature controller from Williams and I
want to try an Oktoberfest for my first lager.
BTW I'm an extract brewer (with adjuncts, of course).

In trade, here is my porter (modified from Papazian's Sparrow Hawk)
which won at this year's Santa Clara Co. Fair:
3.3 lbs John Bull dark extract
3.6 lbs light Australian dry malt
1 lb black patent malt (crushed coarsly in mortar and pestle)
2 oz whole Cascade hops
1/2 oz whole Tettnanger hops
1 oz whole Tettnanger hops (finishing)
1 pkg Edme ale yeast
Add crushed black patent to 1 1/2 gal cold water, bring to boil, boil 10
minutes and strain out malt. Add extract and dry malt and Cascade and
1/2 oz Tettnanger hops. Boil 60 minutes. Add finishing hops and boil 1
minute. Turn off heat and steep 1-2 min. more. Sparge into 3 1/2 gal.
cold water. Cool and pitch yeast. Starting gravity 1.056 at 60 F.
Finishing gravity 1.024 Bottled with 3/4 C. corn sugar boiled in 1 pint

I will post any responses to the board, thanks for the help.


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