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Date: 1988-12-24 03:16:12 GMT

Here are some comments on some questions on the net lately.

Hard cider : I made a one gallon test batch about 2 months ago. All I
did was get a one gallon jug of apple juice (I cant bring myself to call
it "cider" - I'm Australian) with no preservatives or sugar in it (it was
"Treetop" brand) and throw in 1/4 cup of sludge from the bottom of a batch
of beer I was bottling (it was Williams wheat beer kit) and whack an
airlock on the jug. It fermented solidly for about 2 weeks, and I bottled it
after about 3 weeks. Since the quantity was small I primed with 1/2 tsp
sugar in the bottles. It came out great - nice dry sparkling cider. The
starting SG was 1.050 and it finished ~.999 so the alcohol content
was about 7%. The only reason I can see to add sugar initially would be
if you wanted a more alcoholic cider. But that just means you cant drink as
much :-).
I'm now making a 5 gallon batch - I started it 3 days ago, and I used
champagne yeast this time. As an experiment I started another one gallon
batch at the same time which is half apple juice and half cranapple juice!
The cranapple juice did have "high fructose corn syrup" in it which is no
problem, but it also has fumaric acid in it. I was worried that might be
a preservative, but the fermentation started OK. Anyone know what fumaric acid
is, and why it would be in the cranapple juice ?

Stuck fermentation : I dont think stuck fermentation is really very common at
all. Quite a few of my fermentations have only lasted a few days - and then
gone almost dormant. The main thing is to check the SG. If its reasonably low
(which will depend on the receipe) and hasnt changed for a few days, its
probably ready to bottle. On the other hand, dont blame me if your bottles

Jeff Holt Intergraph Corp HSV,Al

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